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Baby monitor 450 lightshow no sound... help me!

I have a bt digital baby monitor 450 light show, item code:087430 and last night the sound stopped working.
I have a 2 year old child and as you can imagine this is very important to work. Last night was very stressful and sleepless due to the lack of a monitor. All other parts of the monitor work, it’s just the sound that has gone.
I have called the bt support line and they can’t help. They said that as this is out of warranty they cannot help. I cannot call the shop as they have no phone line. An email from bt says that as I purchased through amazon they cannnot help.
It is not reasonable that an item like this can fail after just 2 years. Things like this should last and it has to be proven that this item was of satisfactory quality when it was made as I do not believe that it was.
This item was purchased with the belief that bt provide a quality product but it is obvious that it is not.

What does anyone suggest to do with this? I’m going to post everywhere not to get this item as it will fail and leave you sleepless and stressed and to get another brand!
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