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Backing up Specific Photo Albums on Ipad/Iphone

on my ipad and iphone I have several photo albums which are copies of certain folders on my hard drive (via Itunes) as well as photos/videos taken on the device itself.  Ive added these as devices in BTCloud.


For the folders via Itunes, the ipad/iphone stores a smaller version of the original photo.  I dont want these albums sent to btcloud since they are already backed up to it from my laptop with the original photo (in full size).  Is there any way to backup only specific photo folders in IOS ?  Currently there is only 'automatic backup' of 'pictures' and 'videos' as options.  Nowhere does it mention folders.  I want to backup my 'camera roll' to btcloud and leave the rest.


any suggestions or is this an option that can be added in a future release of the app ?





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