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Backup Version Control

Now aware that BT Cloud will keep multiple versions of files whenever they change. This in itself I feel is generally a very good thing, e.g. make a change to a file that is not intended and BT Cloud enables you to recover a previous version.


It would be useful, however, if there was some way to possibly limit the number of versions stored by either number or possibly even better by date since as it stands if you have files that change often the multiple versions that end up getting stored can get a little out of hand, particularly if the file in question is sizeable.


Any thoughts?


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Re: Backup Version Control

Hi Bill,


I completely agree that this would be a very sensible feature to introduce. I have noticed that if you put files directly into the BT Cloud sync folder (rather than telling BT Cloud to 'Back Up' a folder containing the files) then it doesn't keep 'Versions' of every time I save the file. I therefore keep the files I update most frequently (and have no need of prior versions) directly in the BT Cloud sync folder.


This isn't a very elegent workaround though, and what you've suggested would be a big step forward.


I never used the 'old' BT Cloud service (I can see from the forums that lots of people seemed to prefer the old version). I personally find the current service to be incredibly useful, but there are a good few minor niggles like how versioning works. It feels like it wouldn't take much effort from BT to address these, and they could make the service much more popular by doing so.




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Re: Backup Version Control

Hi Joe.


Yes I agree that the current service is very useful and once you ascertain how to use it properly it is very useful.


Regarding the versioning fun and games that once you explained how it worked I eventually found a 20Mb file that had been backed up so many times (hundreds) that it had taken up 8GB of BT Cloud file space, crazy. This seems to be down to the fact that everytime I use the program the DB file it uses gets resaved whenever any change is made even without exiting the program. Trouble is I agree that I could move it's location to the sync folder but then I would lose the useful versioning facility to go back a few days which is what I would really like.


I found that when you list the file versions stored it shows just over 100 backups, but in fact 100's more are actually stored, e.g. you delete the oldest ones you can see and then even older versions appear. Took me ages to delete multiple versions going back months.


Thanks for the previous help and your support.


All the best, Bill.


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Re: Backup Version Control

Yes, same problem here, BT Backup is keeping a seemingly infinite number of versions of a file.


So it is NOT doing what it says on the tin:


"BT Cloud on your PC and Mac allows you to recover up to five previous saved versions of any backed up files.",-upload...


So would it not be fair to say BT Cloud Backup is virtually useless?


Cheers Martin

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