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Bad commentary by keith huewen

Keith Huewen is a disaster, he constantly talks over Julian Ryder and gets his facts wrong, is irritating to listen to, and generally is far worse at the job than Julian's old partner, Toby Moody. What is the name of the decision maker at BT Sport who chose him for the job? Please can we try to have him replaced. He tries to be funny but I only watch the race with the volume down now. My wife, not a fan of Motogp, used to hear Moody, Ryder and Spalding commentating and loved it as I did, these days its painful to listen to the rubbish that comes out of his mouth. Please can we do something about this, I have been watching Motogp since the early 90s and feel very strongly about this part of the sport. 

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Re: Bad commentary by keith huewen

Agree with what you say Jason. There is a 14 page thread, dating back to 2014 on the forum where many forum members express the same opinion.


It seems that BTSport are not minded to change the commentators. I think it is actually North One Television who produce the coveage for them.


Like many others I'd like to see/hear Toby Moody commentating.


I dont know if its the Huewen influence or the lack of the chemistry that Julian Ryder had with Moody but I have found Ryder is becming increasingly irritating where before he was entertaining.


He seems to be reduced to the roll of pub anorak. He wrestles with Huewen for mic time and then wastes it chattering half baked assumptions and pseudo bike racer nonsense. I am rapidly going off listening to him in the same way I went off listening to Huewen a long time ago.


We can only hope that BTSport have a clear out of commentators in the same way that they did with their original, disasterous presenter line up.


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Re: Bad commentary by keith huewen

I didn't used to mind Keith Huewen, but he seems to be getting worse by the race. The way he talks to Julian Ryder at is a wonder Julian hasn't flattened him. He is so arrogant and patronising toward his fellow commentator at times that I want to throw something at the screen.


 It seems to be a case of "I used to race and you didn't. So what I say goes" horrible man, with the worst hair dye job I have ever seen.

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Re: Bad commentary by keith huewen

The sad thing is that he is still ruining the otherwise great MotoGP coverage in


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