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Bad error in new email set-up

I'm really frustrated with the new email set-up. There was no reason to change - heard the phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it" ?? Have joined this community to make this comment, as you can't email complaints WHY NOT?, and I'm not going to waste time phoning or writing a letter as they suggest, this is 2020!


One every specific complaint, hope you can change: I don't do much emailing, but when I do, I just want to find the address of people I email regularly by typing their name in the address box. So today I just typed chris for my son, expecting his email to come up first as it always did. No, because his email address doesn't  start with his first name, I got loads of people I have never emailed - they were probably just copied in to emails I received - and he appears nowhere! I had to try to remember what his email was. I don't make list of contacts - and when I go to the contacts list, of course he isn't there under c! if I look at an old email, then it doesn't give his email address in the heading, it converts it to his name.


This will be a real problem when I try to email some of my bridge class contacts, as before if I started typing Carol, then she would come up even if her email doesn't start with Carol. Now it won't, I'll have to search and try to find it - very frustrating


PLEASE change it back so that if you type a name in the address box, it searches for previous people you've emailed, with that name, even if that name doesn't start their email address -- as it often doesn't.


Looks like the new system was set up without looking at how people actually use their email - very bad mistake!



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