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Bad wiring in house?

We had infinity installed approx 1 week ago and so far the speeds aren't as expected. Currently getting around 22mb download, 3mb upload. Expected speeds via DSL checker are a lot higher. I understand that I'm going through the line sync process but something tells me I'm not going to get faster than what I have as it's been the same from day one.

I'm wondering if my current line setup is to blame. This is my current setup:
The line from the pole comes into the loft then into what looks like a master socket. This is where we had our old talktalk router for so many years as we were told this was the master socket. Obviously not an ideal place for the router to be in the loft so told talktalk who sent out a BT engineer to check it out. The engineer came round and said he 'bypassed' the socket in the loft to join the internal wiring in the house and then create a new 'Openreach' master socket in my bedroom. I got charged a lot of money for this so in the hope that my speeds would get better I paid it. Speeds were only slightly improved but never great so I finally opted to go with BT Infinity. My homehub 5 is now connected to the revised Openreach master socket in my bedroom (where the previous router was) however my speeds as advised above are not as expected.

So I'm wondering, a few years back when the BT engineer originally bypassed the original socket in the loft to then join it onto my existing house wiring, is this where I am possibly losing valuable speed? What would be the best way round this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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