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I got a BT Freestyle 3200 Phone twin pack. My previous rechargeable batteries ran out of life a few weeks ago, I was desperate so I just used normal batteries until they ran out earlier today. Now I have purchased Energizer Rechargeable 1000 MAh batteries but they don't work without being charged before use, which is pathetic. But the batteries work in TV remotes without being previously charged. I took them back to the shop, the man put them in the meter and it showed on the reading that they had life. Is it possible that these batteries don't work at all with the phone?



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Re: Batteries

Although I'm not familiar with the Freestyle 3200 I have looked out of curiosity.


According to the www the original batteries for the phone are rated at 700MAh.


The ones you bought were rated higher and therefore better (1000MAh). These will stay charged for longer.


You must charge any type of rechargeable battery before use (excluding car batteries if they have not been stored for too long). When you took them back to the shop for testing then chances are they could show a charge but if they were under load then chances are they would be flat.


I can only suggest you buy some more or look here for the correct ones (that are cheaper) and allow them to charge for 12 hours. I guess that the phone can be switched off and put on the cradle to charge. If not leave the phone on but don't use it until the batteries are charged.

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