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Be considerate and polite to BT group staff (this time about an FTTP service)

Posts on here are usually / often people  complaining / wanting help because they can't get a resolution elsewhere.

Therefore I thought it's time to post a 'thank you' and give some positive feedback about that other bogey company, namely Openreach..

Today I got soaked helping a contractor lay some fibre through recalcitrant ducting down our private lane. Never mind,  FTTP is nearly here and it was a pleasure to be able to make a physical contribution "in the common cause".

As decent communications are now a realistic possibility (many a slip between cup and lip) I rang the Fibre Team (0800 587 4787,2) to see whether - when we get a connection - the installer would consider transferring the analogue phone copper cable to the inbuilt copper pair in the overhead fibre cable.

After proceeding through the not unreasonable  checks to establish that  FTTP was not currently available at this address (despite my protestations that it wasn't), I discovered that it was now normal / suggested practice to  move an existing copper service to the composite fibre cable.

I did no expect or ask for anything definitive - because I realise that without  'chapter and verse'  being correct or available for my location, OR staff can't make definitive statements - that's fine all I want to know was, can / could it be done.

The point in all this waffle is that if you treat your contacts with politeness and show you have some some - however slight - knowledge of the issue, then there's a strong possibility that you will get a straight and informative answer in return. It also may be what you expected in the first place....