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Beep tone when phone is silent


I have an old BT Free style 3200 phone & it has a very useful silent mode coz when it’s in that mode the phone beeps once when someone calls me there for I understand my phone is ringing.

Now I want to upgrade to one of these models:

1-BT Premium Voice Control Phone - Two handsets


2-BT Premium Phone - Two Handsets

but I don’t know if they have the same feature or not.

I see that models have same silent key as mine but I don’t know if they beep when someone calls or not.

I’d be very appreciative if someone can Help me.

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Re: Beep tone when phone is silent


No, neither of these phones will beep if the handset is set to silent.  You can set the ringer volume to a value of 0 for silent or 1 for low (the volume levels are 1 to 5, 5 being the loudest), but when silent is set, the handset will be completely silent.

The advantage that the Premiums have over your existing phone though is that they do have BT Call Blocking, so you can set the handsets/base to only ring when you receive calls directly from numbers you have stored in your contacts list, or if you receive a call from another number and the caller has left their name so that you can decide whether to answer their call, send it to answerphone or block their number.  So if you're using the silent mode on your current phones to ensure you are not disturbed by unwanted calls, either Premium phone should still be suitable for you for this purpose.