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Beighton - you know what I am going to say....

Still positive that BT / Superfast South Yoirkshire are going to finally deliver superfast broadband to Springwell Drive and the surrounding Springwell Roads that still cannot have highspeed broadband.


My annual contract with BT is up for renewal and this time last year the lady I spoke to at BT assured me that by the time I renewed this year i.e. now i would have superfast broadband....i wonder if she will say the same when I speak to her later this renew for another 12 months...maybe this time i should record this statement....


To add injury to insult i can only get a 30MB 4G connectivity from my mobile phone sat anywhere in my house but can only get upto 4MB at best on a good day (when everyone in beighton is not using their BT broadband connection) via my phone line...


The latest date published by the OpenReach /Superfast South Yorkshire website is saying that they are "Exporing Options and that the Deployment Phase Phase 5: October - December 2016....


I have written to Santa (twice), Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and even asked for help from Obi-Wan Kenobi (i heard he was my last hope....) but still no action.........


Having 4MB download and 330K upload really is no longer funny....


Anyone in BT got any uo to date news for me?


I know that my house is connected direclty to the exchange and that it the problem.


Are there any real plans?


Will it be Fibre to my house?


What speed can i expect when I am connected?


Miracles can one would have believed that Leicester could win the premiership!


You never know England might even win a game at the 2016 Euros....i got them in the sweep stake at work.....


Also BT have also given me 100GB of free cloud storage....which is great but impractical....with my upload speed of approx 300KB it would take 40 days to upload that amount of data and not using the connection for anything else....





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Re: Beighton - you know what I am going to say....

The fibre rollout is nothing to do with BT retail your provider it is Openreach who are rolling out the service on behalf of all providers except cable ones you need to contact Superfast South Yorkshire to get the latest information as no one here has access to rollout plans

Exchange lines are being moved to cabinets outside exchanges but depending on your line length from the exchange fibre service may still not be possible
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