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Being blled for calls to BT Mobile from landline when they should be free

I am being billed for landline calls to my BT Mobile number, despite having 'Free Calls to BT Mobiles' activated on my BT account.


I tried to get in touch with support via online chat but eventually had to be referred to someone on telephone support to resolve the problem.  I got put through to the wrong department at first - sales, I think, someone with English accent and then got forwarded to billing - possibly in India.


Anyway, first issue was that the name on my account is wrong.  I had already spoken to someone about this a few months back but it didn't get changed, despite being told it would.  The Indian guy claimed that it couldn't be changed without completely closing my BT acccount.  Wasn't going to argue about that so moved on to the actual issue of my support call - being charged for calls that are supposedly free.


Tried giving him the details but he kept claiming he couldn't hear me and could I speak up.  As i am in an open plan office and was practically yelling at that point so that he could hear me, I declined and hung up.  (I couldn't go somewhere else where I could shout at full volume as all the details I needed to give (call dates. times) were on my computer screen.)



Is there ANYONE I can speak to to get the issue resolved? Every time I get through to the Indian helpline it's an utter, complete disaster. 


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Re: Being blled for calls to BT Mobile from landline when they should be free

Hi Welcome to the Community Forum

I am sorry to see you are having problems with your BT service

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you
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Re: Being blled for calls to BT Mobile from landline when they should be free

Just tried it and it is the same live chat that ended up in the byzantine completely pointless procedure of bouncing me around different departments when I tried it earlier.  I have no intention of going through that a second time in a day.


Do BT have a deliberate policy of making customer interactions with their 'help' services as difficult as possible in order to dissuade people from seeking support?  Every single time I have had occasion to contact BT via live chat/telephone it has been frustrating and generally unproductive.




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Re: Being blled for calls to BT Mobile from landline when they should be free

Hi @GeneralPostoffice


Thanks for posting back!


I'm sorry that you are being billed for those calls and that you feel like you're getting the runaround trying to sort this out.  I do appreciate the time you have taken to chase this.


The community aren't going to be able to help with this so send over your details and we'll get you sorted.  Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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