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Re: Being overcharged for additional broadband I'm not using

It seems standard BT policy to charge for exceeding the limit every couple of months.


I rang BT  to explain I was only on a phone and infinity plan and did not download any films or TV catchups etc. I only use emails and look up the weather, and look at the screwfix or toolstation catalogue etc. I am told by everyone that no way could I be exceeding my limit of 20 GBs. I am using MBs not GBs !


I was told by BT that there was no way they could give me any more information as to what I was being charged for because of Data Protection Laws and that I must be using the GBs unless I have given the hub password to someone else ! which I have definately not !!!


Maybe I am being charged for the amount of data i would have recieved at 30Mbps Download speed !! whereas my actual Download speed is 2.7Mbps yes that BT infinity. It was 3x as fast as what I had before !!


It seems the only thing is to vote with your feet and change to Virgin !!!

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