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My mother passed away but I do not have her account no or landline number so I have been told there is nothing they can be done. I offered to send her death certificate. This is a nice money making racket. They have been taking money out of someone’s bank account who has been dead for over a year and looks like they are going to carry on doing this. Surely this cannot be legal. I have had to contact a number of companies and no one has said they cannot help. I begin to wonder if there really are laws that protect us from companies like BT. 

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Re: Bereavement

Hi @Sfp2021  welcome to the forum and sorry that your mum has passed away and you can't get the BT account closed.

Please complete This Form for the bereavement team. It does say that you'll need the account number or BT telephone number (mobile or landline) to complete the form so the account number is not essential. 

If you are still having trouble getting the account closed after this please post back and let us know and we'll be happy to help you.



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Re: Bereavement

If you/BT do not know the account number or telephone number it would be difficult to trace the correct account in order to cease it.

I would have thought that her bank account would be closed but as you have stated that her bank account is still active a year after her death, you should check the bank statements and the BT account number may be shown in the direct debit/standing order. If the account number is not there you could get the bank to stop the payments as part of the process of winding up her estate/closing the bank account.

This will no doubt get BT's attention.

EDIT: Post crossed with the moderator's post. I would suggest that you follow his advice.

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