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Best way to move settings from Business Hub 3 to HH4?

I have moved from BT Business to ordinary residential. I have a Business Hub 3 and now an HH4. I had a very complex setup on the BH3 and am wondering how best to move it to the HH4. It's a real pity the backup/restore files of the BH3 and HH4 aren't human readable (why not?) as then I could create an HH4 restore file.


Also, it's a REAL PAIN that the HH4 doesn't seem to support DHCP in the 10. range (in the past I've set static IP addresses on various devices here for historic reasons. And I'll have to try to remember how to set the non-DHCP IP addresses on these various devices.)


Is there any way other than just setting up the HH4 manually to be like the BH3?


(Yes, I know the BH3 works OK now, but it is getting old and will break at some point.)


Any suggestions welcome.

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