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Beware Line Rental Saver Con

I have received an email to renew my Line Rental Saver on line. Going through the process on line is quite simple, however rather than just quoting the one off payment for the Line Rental Saver it includes the cost of £39 for a Halo 2 package. I already have Halo 2 but am paying less than £39 and am in contract until the end September 2022. So this was a sneaky way of getting me to pay almost £9 a month more than I currently pay.

So beware anyone who tries to renew online. I telephoned in to the Bill Enquiry line and was able to get through quite quickly and pay over the phone.

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Re: Beware Line Rental Saver Con

It's not a con, it's a glitch on the website, for some reason the existing broadband discount isn't factored in when renewing line rental saver, the order does complete correct and without impacting the BB terms or price, many have seen the same thing but never had issues after raising the order.

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Re: Beware Line Rental Saver Con

If "many have seen the same thing", I cannot help feeling that the glitch should have been corrected by now.

More generally, there do seem to be quite a few "glitches" on the BT web site. I know that whenever I look at my broadband offers, one offers me exactly the package that I am on now, but for an extra £5 a month. Presumably another "glitch".

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Re: Beware Line Rental Saver Con

Glitch or not I wasn't prepared to complete at the risk of agreeing to pay more for my BB. 

It transpires there is another glitch too (more likely human error) in that though I made it clear to the customer rep yesterday that my payment was for the Line Rental Saver she has added it as a credit to my Bill so another phone call will be required in due course.

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