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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

I nearly fell for this today, they tried calling me 3 times and eventually I listened but was very wary.  After 15 minutes I said I would contact BT Openreach to find out if I genuinely had a problem and stumbled upon this thread very quickly...

Again, Asian accents, and I think the call actually came from Asia, it certainly wasn't a UK number and there was a slight delay.

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

I've had five of these calls in the last few days, all Asian sounding, four men and one woman.  I challenged them all by saying I thought they were scammers and they hung up - except the last one, who became very abusive and swore at me aggressively!  I laughed at him and said it proved he couldn't possibly be from BT, then I held the phone away from me for a while to let him run up his phone bill.  Then I said I had been recording the call, whereupon he immediately hung up!  All the numbers have now been been blacklisted so with any luck I won't get any more calls from this delightful bunch ...

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam


Just had a call from an Asian sounding male saying he was calling on behalf of BT Openreach and that my internet connection was at risk from hackers. Since I’m currently not a customer of Openreach I was immediately suspicious so I asked for his number so I could call back and verify,he hung up

The number he called from was 02392520260

Openreach can you do anything with this number

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

Just report it Reporting scam callers

There is no such company as BT Openreach

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

I had a call today from number 012230966738, again from an Asian gentleman claiming to be from BT Openreach. He asked me to open Google, which I found odd as nobody in this kind of profession would refer to it this way. He clearly meant me to open my browser and go to This immediately raised my suspicions but I played along for a bit longer.

Next, he asked me to open I know BT usually insist on using their own bandwidth speedtest called

Suspicions definitely in the orange zone now!

I continued to play along and reported my speedtest results using Google default app. All perfectly harmless so far and quite convincing to most people I'd imagine.

Finally, he told me my speed was much slower than it should be, despite it being around 50Mb down and 10Mb upload. He passed me onto an 'Engineer' who, in a very new tactic, asked me to navigate to Teamviewer is an app I am very familiar with and use regularly for online meetings and controlling my desktop PC remotely.  So far everything I'd been asked to do was potentially legitimate and totally harmless.

However, my security radar was pinging faster than Trump's Twitter account, and I stopped short at accepting his Teamviewer invite as this would have granted him total control of my computer!!!. Needless to say, at this point, I hung up. I received two more calls from the same number but ignored them both.

I urge anyone who receives a call from so-called 'BT Openreach' to hang up and call BT to check the status of their broadband. Alternatively, if you're as devious as I am sometimes, you can always play along, obviously not doing anything to compromise the security of your network, but content in the knowledge you are preventing the **bleep** calling you from actually scamming another innocent person. 

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

I've had 7 calls today from someone claiming to do the same as this. They all come from different numbers so I am blocking each one in turn. I've reported the numbers to ICO but what is the use of this if the numbers continually change. Any suggestions what I can do? I don't want to leave calls unanswered at present as awaiting a very important call. 

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

I had an Asian gentleman also call me today.  He said that have noticed I've had problems with my router during the last copuple of weeks and that there were unwanted files in it they could fix.  Made alarm bells ring for me immediatley.  So I asked hiom what he was going to do about it.  Wanted me to get a laptop.  I said I didn't have one.  Wanted me to get a device or iPad.  I told him I don't have any devices (a lie) and he just hung up.  I then goggles to see if it's a scam and it is.  I just did a live chat with BT to be absolutely sure and they said 'BT never contact customers about problems that the cusomer has not reported'.  I suggested they warn customers of scams from time to time.

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

I have just received the same call from the same number. The indian sounding woman was very pushy for me to access my laptop and remove junk files that she said were creating an issue with my router. I challenged where she was calling from and she said BT openreach. I asked her to give me the instructions so I can write them down and do this at a later date but she was insisting I complete this action whilst she was on the phone with me. She started asking me what devices I had at home and that some "serious malware" had infected my devices and was causing a huge issue with their router. I just hung up on her.

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Re: Beware of Openreach call scam

I get these calls every week, all of which have said they were from BT, but this week I had one from “Talk Talk “

More often than not when I look at the screen to see who is calling it says UNAVAILABLE. For me it’s so annoying but I do feel sorry for those who will and have been taken in by it.

It very nearly happened to me because the first ever call of this nature came the week I had BT installed so for a second or two ,BT told me that they would monitor broadband speed for the first month , but I did hang up fortunately.

Just after 8 am today I had such a call but for a change it was an automated message a ladies American accent. Depends what mood I’m in, either hang up or tell them to s.. off.

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