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Re: Big speed loss since Frriday's Failure

I think you have to put the problem into perspective ....


If 10s of thousands of people are affected, the sheer volume of subscriber notifications and planning the communication process probably outweighs just fixing the problem asap, and getting the network up again, allbeit using temporary engineering fixes ... with bandwidth management, whilst repairs take place.

The network and associated hardware is huge, outages are to be expected, the nature of the beast.


The chances are CPs would have been notified, but to notify each individual subscriber, is not viable.

That's what the status pages do best.


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Re: Big speed loss since Frriday's Failure

I'd like to know why my area isn't included in the list of 'problems'. I live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and have been without phone/broadband since last Thursday. Apprently somebody cut through a cable and there 4,800 subscribers affected by the fault. The fix date is allegedly by Thursday of this week but I'm not holding my breath.

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Re: Big speed loss since Frriday's Failure

I think you're missing my point - BT status page keeps on saying the problem is resolved and when I speak to BT India they say there isn't a regional problem. Then 2 hours later there is a problem, then it's fixed then it isn't. I don't think I mentioned anything about wanted to be notified by BT anytime a problem occurs? I know how to check a web page thanks, also I've noticed that Plusnet's is far better anyway.


I accept that I shouldn't be using this forum to get any sort of help, or that I should expect the same from BT's technical support and for that reason I'm going to give this forum a miss from now on. Thanks to those who've helped!

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