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Big sport package

I currently have Sky sports main event £30 per mth. & bt sport £4 per mth. (special price) probably due to end in 6 months. I understand that it will probably go up to £15 mth.

So i'm paying £34 mth.

I'm also advised that Sky main event will be withdrawn on 19/11/20.

I received a letter from BT offering me a Big sport pack.6 mths half price. = £20 mth.& then £40 mth. 24 mth contract.

6 X £20 = £120 + 18 X £40 = £720  = £840 OVER 24 MTHS.


On Mybt i have an offer for the big sport package of £35 mth for 24 mth contact which is £840 for the 24 mths.I'll be paying the same for the length of the contract.

Considering what i'm currently paying it would make sense to go with either one of these offers,i'm leaning toward the £35 mth one.

I'm probably being picky here but they also say that there is a saving of £140 in the 6 mths 1/2 price but i can only work that out to £120 or am i missing something,as i say being picky but curious.


The other thing i'm  thinking about is my youview box. Will that have to go & be replaced with something new.


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Re: Big sport package

By taking Big Sport you will move onto the NowTV packs which means you will loose your existing extra channels. So if you want Sky One, Atlantic, History etc you will need to factor that in. Head over to to see what's included in the NowTV packs.

Personally we're on VIP which gives the whole NowTV suite of channels in 1080p 50fps which makes a massive difference to the picture quality, BT Sport Ultimate and AMC. The VIP package is £60 per month.

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Re: Big sport package

Thanks for your reply.

I only have BT SPORT in my BTtv ,which costs me £4 mth ,special price,this ends in Feb. next year.Sky main event is going which is why i'm looking into these offers.The big sport seems the obvious one,I'm not really interested in all the tv add on things although i've noticed all sorts of monthly add ons are available.


I have the youview box at the moment,if i do change,does the youview box have to be  replaced.

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Re: Big sport package

Possibly the £20 additional saving is the waiving of an activation charge for the service. 

You won't actually be paying the same for the period of the contract as you will be subject to the CPI plus 3.9% annual increases from March 2021 onwards.

@NigelB72  advice on the VIP Package is I believe based upon historic rather than current pricing of the VIP package.

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Re: Big sport package

I think that you are saying that in March the outstanding balance in each offer will be different,therefore the % increase will be different or more likely you are saying that the monthly payment will probably increase,The 1/2 price offer will become £40 mth.around March + the 3.9% £1.56 increase roughly.£40 becomes £41.56

The other £35 mth + 3.9% + £1.36. £35 becomes £36.36

If i have it right not a lot in it & hardly worth worrying about,but probably paying a little less over 24 mths. for the £35 mth offer.

No idea how the cpi works but i think that is roughly how it will be calculated.I stand to be corrected.


I was just comparing like for like over 24 mths. without taking the annual increases into it.On the face of it the £20 offer for 6 mths jumps out at you,but when it's worked out ignoring all these increases that everyone is going to be hit with, the 2 figures are the same after 24 mths.


Yes i think the VIP package is around £65 now.

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Re: Big sport package

I ordered the Big Sport £35 mth offer on Monday.My phone was acting up for some reason so i was missing bits of the conversation.It seems to have gone ok though & i could get into all the Sky Sports channels within about an hour.

The other things in MYBT are all up this morning.
The thing i wasn't expecting was the calling plan.I've been switched to the pay as you go which is 20p a minute.No auto.monthly charge.
I did have the free weekend calling pack. which i gather is being phased out if you upgrade or take out a new contract.The p.a.y.g will probably cost me a little more particularly if i call my sister,it can go on for some time,i'll have to get her to call me,she has the free 60 mins.per call.but i can probably live with it,i'll have to i guess.
Reasonably happy though considering i was paying £30 for Sky main event only,i now have them all,& £4 special price for bt sport,.This would i think have gone up to £15 in February when my contact was due to end.

Was paying £34 now paying £35. plus the broadband charges.
I was a bit concerned about how the nowtv thing would work but it seems ok at the moment.
Oh & they have sent me a Smart hub 2 apparently.Arriving today i'm told.