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Bill Charges Issue

Hey all

I was wanting some clarification on my situation.

I rang up to cancel BT as I have left my old flat and I am waiting a week or two at my parents before starting my new job in London. As I will be moving into accommodation on campus for a short time I thought it better to cancel and was charged £90 for the pleasure. The Cease charge of £30 and £60 for the BT hub equipment, I apparently had not re-entered a new contract was spared any charge for that but entered an equipment contract never actually remember it but it solves the hassle.

Anyhow I received my bill for the month of £54 quid a couple of days ago and assumed this was because I required 30 days to end my contract, however it seems my contract was terminated today.

So the question I want to know is this do I need to do anything about this additional Bill, I was going to accept it as I expected to be able to access the BT Sport app but as my broadband was terminated today it seems the app also no longer remains active, so I'm effectively paying £54 for the Priveledge of nothing?

If anyone can help I would much appreciate it, I have spent enough on BT Calls this week.
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Re: Bill Charges Issue

BT normally charge a month in advance so you should probably get a refund for when your service was actually ceased.


Rather than what somebody on a forum thinks best check it with BT instead:


There's a link to the live chat from there. You'll need your account number. You can get the chat text emailed to you.


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Re: Bill Charges Issue

Note that you can use the BT HomeHub - which you've now paid for - with BT or Plusnet. It can't be used with any other ISPs though. Or just sell it on 'a well known internet aution site'...

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