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Bill Help

Hi, My name is Michael. I joined BT in July as a Broadband and Calls customer and it was the worst thing I ever did in my whole entire life. I have had nothing but trouble with the billing system. 


My BT Bill is as follows which is every 3 months


Broadband and Calls £56.70

Add on for Anytime £14.70 

Line Rental £43.80

Increase in line rental and package £3.24


I am asking for abit of advice today regarding my recent bill but first I will tell you how it began. I was told I would have to pay 3 months in advance so I would then pay £35.50 a month from then on 


My October to January bill was £126.17 which was paid off like this

  • 25th November 2011
  • 28th December 2011
  • 25th January 2012

But this left a amount of £19.67 still to pay and £11.72 in call charge which I fully understand. Then my January to April bill came today and was £149.83 BUT BT want to boost my payment to double which is were I was outraged

I phone BT 5 times today and was totally talked down to and even cut off once. I basically explained to them that I would up my direct debit to £40 per month 

  • 25th Feb - £40
  • 25th March - £40
  • 25th April - £40

Equals £120 plus I will make a payment of £19.67 and £11.72 to pay what I owe in my last bill. This should make me around £5 in credit when my next statement comes in April. 


I was told today by the Account Manager @ BT that there was nothing she could do I either pay £68.50 per month for ever or pay £149.83 and start a different payment scheme were they send me a bill every month (bearing in mind I when I signed up to BT they said I will recieve a online bill per month and direct debit)


They have also tied my down to a 18month contract too and are threathen me with £170 cancellation fee if I don't clear this bill which I HAVEN'T EVEN USED YET??


Can anyone shed some light on the situation!!

Cheers Mike

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Re: Bill Help

Hi Mike and welcome


I've not checked the figures you've given, but BT Billing is a mine field at the best of times.


Try the BT Billing Live Chat facility, they're open now (M-F 8-9)


Keep calm and see what they can do

(at the end of the chat, don't forget to disconnect)

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Re: Bill Help

£68.50 is too much, but £40 not enough as the system doesn't allow for supplementary payments. 


Do you know that you can change the DD amount online in My BT? Go there and choose "Manage your payments" under "My bills and payments". There are upper and lower limits to the payment they will accept, not disclosed unless you choose a sum outside them.


I don't go with the automated system alone as it can lead to significant over- or under-payments before the next 6-monthly review. At each bill I take my regular commitment, adjust it to take account of any credit or debit and add a bit for likely extras. If the result more than few quid different from the current monthly payment, I change it accordingly. (For example, my bill arrived a few days ago showing a debit of about £30, so I increased the monthly payment by £10. It obviously worked because the DD taken today was for the new amount.)


Your monthly commitment is £38.40 and you have a debit of £19.67, arrears of £3.24, and a calls charge of £11.72. So your charge for the next quarter will be £115.20 + £19.67 + £3.24 + £11.72 = £149.83 (as stated) plus extras. If your only extras are call charges in line with the previous quarter the total will be a little shy of £160. If I was you, I would err on the generous side and amend the monthly payment to £55, hoping for a small credit on the next bill.


If it turns out that the minimum acceptable is way more than £55, take DS's advice and ask for an explanation via Live Chat. (There is also a link at the top of this Bills & Calls Packages forum main page.)



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