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Bill date

Hi There,

I would like to know how I can change the billing date for my bill. I have not longed signed up to BT and got the second bill a few weeks back which was paid yesterday. The issue I am having is that every time the bill comes through, it conicides with there not being enough funds in the account to pay. I need to change the date so that when I get the bill, it can be paid within the week or certanly before it needs to be paid. Right now I seem to be incurring a late payment change which is certanly no fault of my own. I cannot help when money goes through my account and I feel I am being charged a fee which is unjust due to not being able to pay it due to wages not being in the account. Itis not a case of unwillingness to pay.

Would be very greatful for someone to get back to me about this.


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Re: Bill date

billing dates cannot be changed i am afraid
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Re: Bill date

It is only possible to change the payment date if you are on a monthly payment plan. Whole Bill Payment is taken when the bill is produced and can not be changed.
Not wishing to lecture you on your money management but it is up to you to manage the money in your bank account. If there is no money in the account when the bill is due you need to adjust the way you spend your money to ensure that there is sufficient money left in your account to pay the bill each month otherwise you will be hit with the late payment fee every month.