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Billed for a service I never received

Hi there!
I hope someone can help me to resolve my problem!
I have complained numerous times to a customer service,it's always someone else on the phone and they can't really tell me how to help me,they just say they will call back and send me letters back but haven't received anything!I will copy the first email I sent!
To the customer service department of BT


Dear sir/madam
Recently , 15th of September 2016 I applied for BT Internet and TV service. In few days time I received the router but there was no connection. I gave a call to BT technical support and been told that the engineer will attempt by 26th of September 2016. By 26th nobody came. By 30th of September 9:30 am when I was at work, I got call from engineer and told that he is outside of my property. I couldn't do anything because I was working that day. The engineer said that I'll get a call from BT to rearrange the visit. Since then, nobody call and I did it myself. I received a new appointment for 14th of October , by 14th of October 2 engineers came and both of them couldn't find any problems inside of the house. They said, the problem is outside and I need another engineer , which going to come next day. By next day nobody came. By 16th of October, Sunday early morning arrived engineer , he made several checking inside and outside and couldn't find any mistake or problems wich could affect the connection, but Internet still didn't work. The router was always flushing purple. The engineer advised me to contact BT customers support because he couldn't find any fault. I asked my neighbour to contact BT on my behalf, so we did contact BT customer service on 30th of October. After 2,5 hours of talking with one of the assistant , finally we discovered that the router which I received was wrong and also I never received the TV box. The BT assistant said, my new WRIGHT ROUTER and TV BOX will arrive in 2 days. Up to the day that I wrote this letter I did not receive anything and I had no Internet and TV service for one day. In mean time I had 2 bills to pay first payment was taken by 28th of October -90.26£ and another bill after that
by 14th of November -139.68£
In November bill charges was included TV final bill. I would like to ask what does it mean and why I got this charges ? By 22nd of November I cancelled the DD to BT for this very pure service. I would like to Cancel the contract with BT and get a full refund for both of the bill I payed for not having TV and Internet . Im single mother of a 2 children i cannot afford to loose money like that . My son is in year 8 he also suffered from this situation because he cannot make homework at home. I expect to hear back from you with a full resolution to this issue by 10th of December 2016 at the very latest. Please email me to let me know how would you deal with this so I could thing of further action.

I greatly appreciate your help

Your sincerely

At the moment my DD is cancelled because I don't want them to charge me more money for service I haven't had even for a single day!I don't know how to resolve this problem,I would very appreciate if someone could help me here!Big thanks in advance!

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Re: Billed for a service I never received

Hi @ilze123,


Welcome to the community forum and thank you for posting.


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your service. I'll be able to help you with your complaint. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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