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Billed for engineer callout??

Hi there everyone!! I was wondering if anyone could help me with being billed for an engineer callout that i'd cancelled and wasn't even needed. A little bit of history: a few weeks ago my phone developed a crossed line with next door. Basically incoming calls to us got through to them and vice versa, internet went down and we couldn't makle outgoing calls. We naturaly rang BT to see what could be done. BT got us to do some tests on our line and eventually decided to send an engineer around to next door to see if they could fix it, if they couldn't they were to send an engineer around to us to see if they could fix it form there. Luckily they managed to fix the problem next door so I rang them up to cancel the engineer's visit. However two days before the previously cancelled apointment was due an engineer turned up to fix the already resolved problem. My son was the only one in and duely told him that the problem was fixed and he was not needed. He disappeared and now at the end of the month we have been billed for the callout and some of next door's phonecalls. I have made several complaining calls to BT but I have just been led in circles, now i've recieved an overdue bill message!! This can't be right can anyone help?! 

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Re: Billed for engineer callout??

As this can get very messy I would Contact Mods  they work for BT and can be very helpful
include a link to this topic account number and phone number



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