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Billed for replacement router as first never arrived

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Good evening all - I hope that the mod team can help.

We ordered our Infinity 1 at the end of August, for activation at the end of September. So far, so good.

The Home Hub was sent by Royal Mail a few days before activation - however it never arrived. The tracking still shows it stuck in Tyneside Mail Centre! We gave it a few days to see if it would move, but it did not.

At this point we used live chat (on mobile phone - our fibre had started but alas we had no way to access it!) and were passed onto the orders team, who indeed confirmed the router had not turned up, and that a replacement Home Hub would be sent out so that we could use our internet. At no point was any mention of a delivery charge mentioned - indeed we assumed this would be free of charge given our first never arrived.

Amazingly, on checking this month's bill, we have been charged £7.95 for the delivery of the replacement Home Hub. Being charged again for the non-delivery of the first router is not good - but what has appalled us most was that at no point did the person who ordered the replacement router state there was to be a charge!

Can you please explain how this is acceptable?

(On another note we claimed the £150 reward card on October 2nd and it has not arrived yet - not a good start to BT broadband I am afraid).
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Re: Billed for replacement router as first never arrived

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Hi HM53


I'm sorry you weren't made aware of the delivery charge when the replacement router was ordered.


I can help sort this out for you. Send us in your details using the contact the mods link in my profile.


I'll also take a look to see what is happening with your reward card as well.





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Re: Billed for replacement router as first never arrived

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Hi @HM53 Thanks for taking my call earlier. Just to confirm for the community the delivery charge for the hub that was not delivered has been refunded. In relation to the voucher I'm sure that already in the process of being arranged but I have sent a chaser to the reward team to check and they will get back to you via email within a few days.





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