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Billed for something we didn't order and lied to.

I've had my fair share of issues in the past with BT and so its no surprise I'm having problems yet again.


I'll split this into 2 issues relevant to billing etc.




The first is the issue of BT Sport HD.


I never ordered this service. Why would I? - There is no television box in the house that is HD compatible.. so it would be illogical to order something that we can't possibly recieved. What I think may have happened is that when our contract was renewed someone from BT must have selected the HD option aswell, however as I can only access my bills to a certain point I cannot even look at this possibility.


And yet I'm being told by some unhelpful member of BT staff that it doesn't matter if I ordered it or not or whether I can actually use it - if its on the Bill and they are 'providing' it they can charge for it. They also argued that why didn't we cancel it when we saw it on our bill. The simple answer is that because it was only a £3 charge we didn't notice the abnormality to the bill and it was only in december when I was checking through the details of one bill that it was noticed. At that point I emailed BT to ask for it to be cancelled and I expected that to be the end of it.... however 6 months later this is clearly not the case.


#2 - lied to.



The second issue is that of a missed engineers appointment in December 2014. At the time I was annoyed about them missing the appointment and fairly asked for compensation; however I was told at the time that the only thing they could do was re-arrange the appointment and that compensation was not an option.


However I have subsequently found out that this was infact a lie and that the customer service guarentee explicitly states if an appointment is missed that we are able to claim... however I'm now being told there was a 120 day period by which I had to respond.... classic BT.



It is safe to say we are not happy bunnies, and that the treatment we have recieved is appalling. I have had past experience with the Mods on these forums, so I'm once again turning to them for help as they seem to be alot better than the people on the telephones.




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Re: Billed for something we didn't order and lied to.

Ill get the mods

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Re: Billed for something we didn't order and lied to.

Hi Alex2k13,


Thanks for your post and welcome back!


Sorry that the BT Sport HD pack has been added to your account without your consent and that you feel your were lied to when trying to seek compensation for the missed engineer's appointment in December.


Under the guidelines of the customer service guarantee scheme (CSGS), you're entitled to £10 per missed appointment.  You can view more info about CSGS here - Customer service guarantee scheme


I can help sort everything out from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.





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Re: Billed for something we didn't order and lied to.

Thanks robbie,


I've had a few calls from BT today, the first 3 consisted of me stating my case and then being hung up when the 'customer help' representative told me there was nothing they could do and I had to ask to speak to the manager.


I did finally speak to someone who was able to do something, but it still doesn't seem fair;


With regard to the compensation it went from being 'not possible due to 120 days etc etc etc....' by a few staff members to a lady telling me they will be giving me the £10 compensation to now being a reality. I was slightly disgruntled by the fact I wasn't offered an apology for being lied to in the first place, but what can you do 😕


I've been told the absolute best that the lady could do was to refund the last 2 months of BT Sport HD, but even that is a joke really.

I was trying to explain UK customer rights etc about if I don't order something then regardless of whether its provided or not I don't have to pay for it, but in response I got back along the lines of if its on the bill... you're paying for it


She said she couldn't even refund me to December (when I noticed it and asked for it to be cancelled initially), let alone the months before that when we didn't notice we were being charged for a service we didn't even have the capability to use.



TLDR: missed appointment issue resolved, BT sport HD getting there....

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