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How can I get BT to bill me correctly for my phone usage?????


I have been with BT for more years than I can remember without any real issues.


In November I was invited to upgrade to Infinity Broadband which I did and paid upfront for the postage for the new Hub and the connection charge.


I was made aware that I would be on a new 18 month usual when you change anything with BT!


Hub arrived OK but scheduled engineer visit to connect Infinty did NOT.


When I queried BT they said they forgot to book the Engineer from Openreach in reality I believe the exchange was not ready to roll out Infinity


I requested that BT keep me on my 'old' package until the broadband was upgraded  this include the option to pay in advance for ANY TIME Calls, this was agreed.


However from the date that the broadband should have been installed MY BT showed I was being charged for calls which should have been included. Several calls to clarify the situation I was repeatedly advised to be patient that this would be sorted out on the next billing date and my account would be flagged for someone to adjust the call charges I should not have paid.


THIS DID NOT HAPPEN and my latest Bill is charging me for these calls and adjusted the Any Time plan for the new charges from Dec 1st. BT having the cake and eating it comes to mind


I am really frustrated that BT cannot sort out this simple error, nor am I sure where to go from here as BT are acting very unprofessionally here and I could be excused for thinking that this is a billing SCAM.


Next stop to get some resolution might have to be OFCOM





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Re: Billing

try live chat and see if they can help 

live chat

OFCOM don't deal with individual issues

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Re: Billing

Waiting on BT getting back to me
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