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Now. I have decided to leave BT. First shock that came to me was that I am still in contract. Long story short I moved house last year June and since I was bind in contract BT ‘tricked’ me into signing new contract so I wouldn’t have to pay £178 House moving fee. I was ok 12 months contract not bad. So due to current situation I was searching for cheaper broadband options and was ok to move as I thought by moving time I will have only one more bill to pay. Imagine my shock when I rung and they said I am in 18 months contract. I was like what? Turns out when I was ringing them to cease my BT TV they have again ‘tricky’ sneaked me into new 18 months contract now and because it never occurred to me to check on my order tracker what was added and removed I didn’t even know I have been signed for new contract. I told to advisor I was never aware I am in 18 months contract as I never asked to do anything with my 12 months contract just cease BT TV he is saying it is all there and I have to pay early termination fee of nearly £300. I have been charged so many fees over this past year and tricked into longer contracts and I still have to pay early termination fees. This is ridiculous. Now my last bill which was due on 26th is passed to Debt collection being only two days overdue. I am thinking of involving Ombudsman as this just horrible how BT is tricking people into signing contracts and if I started broadband with like £24 I have ended up with over £40 just for broadband only (with now options to go lower) and plus hitting all types of charges £10 for missed payments, £12 reconnection fees, £18 routes to debt collections etc.

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