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Bizarre issues with download speed & stability

Hey all.

Basically, for some weeks now my connection has been rediculously slow.

Download should be closer to 8~12Mb/s. Upload is bang on.

Note the one 209.xx server with 100% downstream packet loss on the Pingpath image, I believe that is our culprit. The bizarre thing is, look at the packet loss on the other hops. There's one from hop 0-1, which naturally makes you assume it's the router at fault. But it does the same on 3 different routers, on 3 different computers, connected via ethernet. Scary, huh?

Spoke to a rather helpful chappy on Livesupport giving him the above images, some line tests were ran and I was told there is a fault in the BT network which has been escalated to the next level; and that they will get back to me, possibly sending an engineer out.

Well it's been a day or so now and nothing has changed or been heard from yet; if anyone from BT reads this forum, how long will it take for this to happen?

It's getting stupid now, I'm coming up to some very important second unit exams and it ain't fun taking 5 minutes to load google. That's if it loads at all, most of the time it just disconnects. I'm going to need to change providers if nothing is done soon.

Cheers, and all the best

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Re: Bizarre issues with download speed & stability

Hi this is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators
It certainly looks as though there is a network issue which will require intervention by BT Wholesale there is nothing that an engineer visit would achieve as it is not on the Openreach part of the network
Changing providers could be expensive if you are still in contract and also may not resolve the problem unless the ISP has it's own network from the exchange
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Re: Bizarre issues with download speed & stability


Cheers for the reply, these were my thoughts exactly.

I have however managed to eliminate the sporadic packet loss outside of the 100% failing 209.xx address so it's a bit more stable now, but still rediculously slow.

I can't check fault status because it tells me my account number is unrecognised when I put it in, so I guess I'll just have to sit and wait.

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Re: Bizarre issues with download speed & stability

yes all you can do at this time
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