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Black Wi-Fi Disc(s) or separate mesh product?

Hi all


Just after some advice.

I've just upgraded to Fibre (300Mbits)

Is it going to be better to get one (or more) of the black wifi discs, or buy a mesh product from a different supplier?

Pros of BT disc: connects wirelessly to hub and uses same SSID as hub. £100 for a disc is quite cheap.

Cons of BT disc: probably slower than other mesh networks, as doesn't (as far as I know) use Wifi 6 or separate backhaul channel


Any thoughts?

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Re: Black Wi-Fi Disc(s) or separate mesh product?

Two more cons to consider against the black discs

1. They're on rental

2. They only work with the Smart Hub 2 

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Re: Black Wi-Fi Disc(s) or separate mesh product?

@Anonymous  true, but 1. You can buy them outright (£100) and 2. I have a  Smart Hub 2

I guess I want to make sure I get decent speed throughout.

I'm on  fibre 300, so want at least  100Mbits from the  mesh.

I don't mind getting a 3rd party product at all if it's going to be better, but equally happy to go for the  BT disc, mainly because it can mesh with the existing hub SSID.

Just need advice from someone who has done each I suppose.



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