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Blocked calls and Voicemail problem

I have just come off the phone to the BT Mobile help desk with a problem they were unable to deal with.

Let me explain. I keep getting spam calls on my iPhone from a company called IJT, who sell ink jet toners etc, their number is 01458274744, and if you google this number you will find all tales of woe.

Now, I've blocked this number on my iPhone, but this has led to a problem I was unaware of, and many others maybe unaware of also. Callers that you have blocked still have access to your voicemail. This number is still calling my mobile, but now go straight to my voicemail and I now get constant voicemail notifications from a blocked number!!!!.Smiley Mad There is NO solution to this problem.


Apple is telling me they cannot control this as its down to my service provider, and my service provider (BT Mobile ) are telling me they can't do anything.

Anyone have any idea where I can go from here. Short of a number change (no way), I'm at a complete loss.

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Re: Blocked calls and Voicemail problem

My partner is experiencing the same problem but from a different uk number/company. His number is also register with the TPS.
As they go straight to voicemail you then get annoying alerts for them all the time.
Can't really see a solution other than to turn off voicemail tbh.
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Re: Blocked calls and Voicemail problem

You can block callers leaving a voicemail in HulloMail for iPhone, an app many people use as an alternative to Apple's Visual Voicemail which BT Mobile does not support. Requires a subscription to enable that feature, though, the free version doesn't allow blocking.
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Re: Blocked calls and Voicemail problem

Dude, sorry to hear of your woes. You must go back to the help desk. They WILL have a solution for you. Trust me they can be awesome given sufficient time and patience. Let me give you something fron ofcom


Malicious, abusive or threatening calls, whether from people you know or from strangers, are a criminal offence.

If you receive such a call you should immediately call your phone company and ask for their nuisance or malicious calls team.

It doesn't matter whether you know the caller's identity or not.

Simply tell them what the caller said. In some cases, particularly if the caller is threatening, your phone company will advise you to call the police.

You may be offered ‘anonymous call rejection' from your provider which may prevent these kinds of calls in the future (ask your provider if there's a charge for this service).

Although this may stop abusive or threatening calls, you should be aware that such services may also block some calls you might want to continue receiving, such as some calls from overseas.

Persistent uninvited calls are an abuse and it is incumbent on your service provider to protect you from abuse. Just because you may not be a timid 95 year old on the receiving end of threatening calls does not mean you should be treated in lesser fashion. If  you truly cannot get anywhere make sure you have a record of calls received, an acknowledgement from bt they will not help you, maybe a note from your employer or medical professional stating the effect this is having on you and contact Ofcom for them to shake the tree a bit. 

Alternatively you could get a bunch of mates to roast their switchboard for a few days.

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Re: Blocked calls and Voicemail problem

Hi there, please read the following information on managing diverts to voicemail.

BT Mobile comes set up to divert any unanswered call to voicemail.

Dial 15710 from your phone (it's free) to turn this off. (You'll hear a message: "Your request to turn off conditional diverts to your BT Mobile voicemail has been confirmed")
Dial 15711 to turn it back on
For times you don't want to be disturbed, all incoming calls can be diverted straight to voicemail.

Dial 15712 to turn this on. (You'll hear: "Your request to turn on unconditional diverts to your BT Mobile voicemail has been confirmed")
Dial 15713 to turn it off
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Re: Blocked calls and Voicemail problem

Also to manage missed call alerts such as to turn them on or off. Dial 1571 and select option 2 to change personal options and then select the missed call alert settings option from here you should be able to turn it off.
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