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Re: Blocking spam

@Mike_German wrote:

Keith, Sorry for the long delay - I have been away from home for a while.


Yes I am using BT webmail.  I download emails to MS Outlook on my PC and my wife and I use iPhones and iPads to read mail and, of course, the BT webmail spam that gets through on 5 devices which is tedious to say the least.  Hence the hope of a solution that will stop the spam where it enters the system at BT webmail servers. I use 4 email addresses with BT and 2 suffer from this problem.


I have tried the rules suggestion on your forumhelp website and it is partially successful ... but they still keep coming at the rate of 10 to 15 a day.  The "Reply To" or "From Field" changes with each spam item and cannot be blocked.  Some of them appear to be addressed to me only and so your solution will not work.  If there is anyone with the technical ability, I have a number (growing by the hour 😞  ) of these spams that I can provide for investigation.  I would be surprised if I am the only one suffering from this plague!

With multiple devices, it's going to be difficult to have a system that applies to all of them with an easy solution.


Spammers know that "list" or cc'd emails can easily be blocked, hence individual sent ones as such are going to thwart those blocks.


The system should eventually catch up with the recent spam signatures, so the problem could go away - until the next time.


There are some ways round it like double filtering through things like Gmail accounts, but that can take a while and be quite tricky to sort out.


Of course, as recommended too - get Gmail addresses and start using them only.

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Re: Blocking spam

I just have one question - why is no one from BT responding and giving any advice?


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Re: Blocking spam

This is a BT residential customer to customer forum. The posts do not go to BT. The only BT staff are the forum moderators who do not necessarily read all the posts.


BT's advice on dealing with spam is as per this link

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Re: Blocking spam

This may be useful in some cases if you use the BT webmail client. There's a, I suspect, little-used spam filter option hidden away on the menus.


1. Open any e-mail message in your inbox (doesn't matter if it's spam or not)

2. Click the 'Actions' menu on the right of the menu bar.

3. Click 'Create Rule' on the drop down (see below)





4. That'll bring up the window below. By default it'll autofill the 'sender' field with the sender of the e-mail you just opened, so be sure to clear that if appropriate (or you could end up blocking a friend and I don't know how to retrieve and edit these rules once you've created them!)


5. Fill in and pickthe criteria for your new rule. In this example I've told it to automatically delete any messages with the word celebrity in the subject line - just by clearing the 'Sender' address, typing 'celebrity' into the 'message contains' field then selecting 'delete but don't send reply', further down.






6. Click 'Save' at the bottom. Job done.


I was getting half a dozen e-mails every day from some religious spammers, always with particular words in the subject line. Did the thing above and they stopped instantly. Never seen one since.


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Re: Blocking spam

Just to correct my post above .. you can get to the Rules (create new ones and edit existing ones) by signing into the BT webmail client, choosing 'Settings' from the top menu, then 'Rules from the left-hand menu. Obvious really once you find it!

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