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Blow Fiber across my field in my duct.

Hi Guys,


I am writing this in slight frustration after getting no where talking to various people from BT / Openreach.


I live in Cornwall in a fairly rural location, however, just about all local villages have now been upgraded with either FTTC, or in most cases full FTTP...including a village less than 1km away...


However we, (and 6 other propertys / 3 buisness's) are stucks using a old, unreliable <2mb/s ADSL service, which is constantly going wrong, and hopeless in this day of age....Now it seems because we are EO with no cabinet, BT have no plan to upgrade us anytime soon, if ever..


However, our farms land stretchs from here, to the local village with FTTP....infact, a pole with a fiber "node" on it serving some houses is located on the hedge of one of OUR fields...


There would be no problem for us to trench and duct this distance at our own cost, so that fiber could be blown from that pole to our propertys...however, I cannot seem to get BT to do this, as they simply wont listen / accept that it is a viable solution..


How on earth can I proceed and try to get something done here as we are all going around in circles, and to me the solution is so simple... Who / how can I contact someone who can actually understand this idea, and look at going fowards?


Thanks for reading,



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Re: Blow Fiber across my field in my duct.

This is a BT residential customer to customer forum. Your post does not go to BT. The only BT staff are the forum moderators who do not necessarily read all the posts.


You would need to deal with Openreach about this.


Have a look at this link it might be of some use.

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Re: Blow Fiber across my field in my duct.

I know you are not a new build but as you are willing to lay the ducting, you may get futher information here.

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