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Brand new flats- do I need an engineer?

I tried to setup a BT line twice. 2 days after the first sales call I got a call from BT India saying I would need an engineer. This is after a UK BT sales lady told me I didn't need one- this guy passed me back to sales. I ordered a line again- the sales lady again was adament I didn't need an engineer. Lo and behold- two days later I get a call from BT India- an engineer is saing I need an engineer to visit my property. Having been through this twice already I put the phone down on him- I was fully expecting him to say he has cancelled the order and I need an engineer, he started in exactly the same way as the first 'engineer' so I expect it is cancelled. I haven't seen anything on my card statement and at no point did I ever consent to having a BT engineer visit my property.


Could someone please tell me whether, as the first owner in a block of flats, you need an engineer to install a line?


I have signed up with plusnet. They are cheaper and provide a far better service for what I am after. They also charge £50 for an engineer to visit the property compared to BT's £127 and O2 at £85. The last question I have is: exactly what does an engineer do when they visit a property? How many wires are spliced or crimped or connected directly to a terminal block? Exactly what do I get for my £127 if BT install the line?


Being 250% more expensive pretty much sums up BT to me. I am glad that BT didn't get their act together, apologise for misleading me, persuade me into getting a line installed by them which would have allowed me to change to infinity as soon as possible and lock me into 18+6 months worth of contract. Infinity is in our town and is meant to be at my address in 6 months. Now I have saved a shed load of money and should have an off-peak uncapped connection for half the price of BTs packages.


Do customer services read these forums? Is there a complaint procedure? My final gripe is that I didn't recieve any confirmation emails of any transactions or phone calls.

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Re: Brand new flats- do I need an engineer?

I somehow doubt if anyone here can answer your first question. It all depends on what the builders have installed and whether or not BT need to come out and connect up the line.
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Re: Brand new flats- do I need an engineer?

Most new builds connect the wires around the building however there is no connection to the main exchange. The only way to see if you have a line that can be connected is on the openreach system with only the like of phone provider staff have access to. It might just be possible to connect it from the exchange, however if an engineer is needed, even just down at the exchange there will be a cost to you. What you need to do it is to either phone the sales team, give them your address and get them to check on the openreach system if they can find a recognised line. Or more simply, I booked my order online with BT and you can check on the website if they can find a line, if so it will be a free connection regardless of who you go with, it does mean going about 3/4 through the order process though

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Re: Brand new flats- do I need an engineer?

The work carried out by BT openreach regardless of which provider you go to will vary he may have to connect within your home or to an external connection point outside your flats then to your local bt green cabinet then ultimately the exchange it self as you are in a new buld it will depend on how much of the wiring has been done internally by the home builder even then he will need to check your internal connections after all external and exchange work is completed worth noting the company you have signed up with is owned by BT
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