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Break down of communication within BT staff

I was supposed to have "gone live" on May 11th this date passed so I called BT, done checks, they sent an engineer around, he manged to fix my land line but told me my broadband was in another green cabinet so they just have to re-direct it, he sent details to head office and said it would be fixed as soon as possible. Time went by and still no joy, so my wife rang them and had a chat with a lady who seemed to be very helpful and explained what would be done, part of the job ment they would have to run a copper wire to our house and told her we should be going live on the 25th of May, but this day came and went so I called them again, telling them what was said but there was nothing on their system so they sent another engineer around, he again done all the checks and disappeared off to the green cabinet and told me exactly the same, and I heard him telling the chap on the engineers line of what needs to be done, he then told me they will have to do a cease and re-direct or something and that someone will call me the next day, the next day came no one rang so I called them and again there was no record of this on my file so they sent another engineer around and I told him about what we were told that needs doing and sent him away and still no fix. I called again trying to tell them what was said that needs doing and they promised they would tell the engineer this and they have taken over my case, the engineer was very prompt and friendly but again just told me what I already knew, so I called them again and finally they mentioned the cease and re-direct or whatever but I can't go live until the 15th of June!! And the funny thing is the lady who said about her taking over my case, when I begged to see if they could do it any quicker, didn't even know that this was happening! Swapping to BT has only caused me so much stress and has put stress on my wife and children too as they have school and college work to do but the mini-hub can only just about handle one person using it at any one time. I have serious doubts I will go live on the 15th of June, and have lost faith in BT, what if I need an issue resolving at a later date, is it going to be a long run of **bleep** up's before it gets resolved, if at all, worst decision I've ever made

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Re: Break down of communication within BT staff

Perhaps you can provide a little  more information, is the property a new build ( brand new, you the first occupant ), or  has the property ever had Openreach based service in the past (   not necessarily BT ) , is there anything unusual about the property , like it’s a flat in a converted house, or it in anyway has a non standard address, for example ,  it’s known by a name rather than a house number  ‘rose cottage’ that type of thing , finally did you order service yourself using the ‘on line ‘ portal, or was the initial order via a phone call with a BT representative ?, in other words who entered the address into the system, and was the correct postal address ( as used by the council/Royal Mail etc ) used ?

If the address used was inaccurate then the lineplant allocated can be no use for the address, the Openreach engineer probably managed to self allocate suitable lineplant for the phone line themselves , getting the telephony part sorted, but if the original routing had you allocated a port in a ‘fibre’ cabinet that wasn’t part of the actual route used, then the engineer cannot simply self allocate a port in the correct fibre cabinet, that part needs a certain amount of circuit design and likely needs the original order amending or cancelling, and a new order issued to allocate a port in the ‘correct’ cabinet once the address ‘data’ and actual routing used  is sorted out.

The main reason for the ‘wrong’ route allocated  in the first place is incomplete , or inaccurate address information, and if you ordered yourself on line, or provided the wrong info to the sales agent, then things like this can happen, or it could be that the OR records were incorrect in some way, if that were the case it wouldn’t matter if it were BT , or Plusnet, Sky or anyone else you used , you would be having the same problem.

If the property had service from someone else ( like Sky or TT ) and you were simply migrating to BT , then the Sky or TT phone number probably wouldn’t be any help in identifying the property to BT.

On some ‘regular’ streets ( addresses )  , there can be a point where neighbours  property’s  are ‘fed’ from different cabinets , for example , No.’s  1-40 served from cabinet 1 and No.’s  41-80 from cabinet 2, but  sometimes the houses on the boundary cause problems , so No.40 gets incorrectly  allocated to cab 2 or No.41 gets  incorrectly allocated to cab 1,  this may be the case if there isn’t anything obviously unusual about your address , and although a ‘simple’ error , it’s not quick or easy to sort out 

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Re: Break down of communication within BT staff

Hi, Thank you for your message and information. My house is about 50 years old, we were originally with BT but then swapped to Talk Talk about 5 or 6 years ago, but decided that we wanted to come back to BT so our land line number was originally the one we used with BT in the first instance.

Although I applied on line with my correct details I have quoted my full address every time I have phoned, so I can't see this being an issue, but after what you have said, I am feeling a bit more positive about our new "going live" date as I am more aware of what goes on behind the scenes, just wish this was explained to me. I still don't understand why they sent out 4 engineers for them to only say what the previous one has already said. My issue is not with the engineers, they were very friendly, it is with the communication from BT to it's engineers. They can only do what their job sheet states.

Thank you again for your feedback

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Re: Break down of communication within BT staff

It is strange that your address was ( presumably ) routed off the wrong cabinet, if it’s an older property that has had ‘Openreach’ service in the past ( in fact BT have provided service there in the past ), so historical data should have existed for the property, and you would think that the same routing from the TT service would be used if you migrated to BT , using the normal process to move between providers using Openreach 

BT don’t really have anything to do with the engineering functions, that is Openreach , so if it were faulty routing data that was responsible for your ‘connection’ being built on the wrong cabinet that’s something OR are responsible for ( not BT ) , and if you had many visits , each not knowing what the previous engineer had done, is unfortunately not unusual 

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