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Break up in recording



With an awful lot (most?) of my recordings I get a break in the playback. The picture pixelates and seems to miss about 10 - 12 seconds of the programme. I have very good signal quality and it just seems that the box is trying to do something of a higher priority (start another recording?) and can't be botthered to record for a few seconds. Luckily I have recorded the same prog on an old Sony PVR once or twice and that recording is always perfect, this shows the missing portion to be about 10 - 12 seconds.


This happens a lot!!


Anyone else have the same problem or suggest a cause?



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Re: Break up in recording

I get a break up in recordings now and again, I presumed it was down to a glitch in the signal, however I have a very good signal, and never get a break up when watching live TV.


I find it happens sometimes when I have a recording going, then go in and do a chase play, when it gets to the moment in the recording where I initially started playback, somtimes it has slight breakup, a bit like the player was using a bit of memory starting the playback which efected the recording for a brief moment.

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Re: Break up in recording

This problem can happen because of a signal issue but there could be another reason. Sometimes, if you change the channel, the box hangs for about 10 seconds and you get a black screen. If you are recording when this happens, the recording will skip as well.

I think YouView are aware of this, so should be fixed in the future. Although saying that, I don't think it has happened to me since the last update.
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