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Britbox & Amazon app's

Hello, of recent had new box & hub us hybrid connect / WiFi disk installed. Yesterday got a Britbox account, was working OK till evening, then crashed, all I get is an error code on screen showing BBV3. Have rebooted hub 2 & the BT TV BOX PRO, on trying again still shows that error code.  Also Amazon app doesn't seem to work, asks me to go to the relevant Web link to resolve video issue, can play trailers but won't let me on clicking play or resume over buttons access content.     Is there an issue with both apps on Youview Portal, can anyone help!?.  Many thanks, Mario. 

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Re: Britbox & Amazon app's

Don't know if this helps but I had what sounds like a similar problem with the Amazon Prime and Netflix apps some time ago, the advice I was given then was that it was a known problem and to always EXIT the prime video app (using the exit button on the remote control) instead of backing out of it.  

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Re: Britbox & Amazon app's

I have exactly the same problem, it started when I changed to the new BT router and BT TV box.

I have signed out, restarted both boxes, updated my software.

So I have no Britbox or Prime Video.

Anyone have any ideas ?


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