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Britbox subscription

Hi, I decided to keep the Britbox subscription going after the end of the 6 month free trial. The free trial ended earlier this month and continued to work fine until last night. Now I cant watch Britbox through my BT Vision box. Instead I see a screen offering me a free 7 day trial. When I log onto My BT I then get offered a better deal of a free 30 day trial . However when I try and follow either link it understandably does not let me as it knows I have a subscription (I can still watch Britbox via my phone, which is no use) . But I am caught in a loop with no other way forward from either Britbox or BT websites. I have messaged Britbox via their site but to date have had no response.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Britbox subscription

Good news, Sophie from Britbox support got in touch, gave the the answer and I'm back in again.

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