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Broadband BT Infinity speed and connection problems

I switched from Virgin to BT 2 months ago.

But I wish I had stayed with Virgin. 

I am sick of this message , do you want to kill the page as it is not responsive, and I have run all the checks and BT have apparently investigated but this problem is not acceptable. I willl be seeking to cancel my contract because of BT not providing a service.


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Re: Broadband BT Infinity speed and connection problems

That's a computer/browser issue. Not an internet problem.
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Re: Broadband BT Infinity speed and connection problems

Agree with Webby.


This error is related to your browser or computer, most likely your browser.


Are you getting this error on more than one device or have you only got this error showing on one device?


I am presuming you are only getting this error on one device. If you are using Chrome as your browser you may benefit from doing the following steps;

Open Chrome

Open Chrome's menu (the three lines that look like a little burger on the top right)

Select Settings

Scroll down and select advanced settings

Scroll down and untick 'use hardware acceleration'

Restart Chrome


If you are using another browser such as firefox or internet explorer try downloading Chrome and using this instead, if you still get the error then the computer will need looked at by a professional on your own discretion.


best of luck

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