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Broadband Desktop Help Update recurring

I am having a problem updating the Boradband Desktop Help. For the last few days, when I turn on my computer a pop-up occurs which says the the Desktop Help needs to be updated. I have followed the procedure described and the Desktop Help starts after the update, but it continues to have a link at the bottom of the home page which says "A newer version is available. Click here to start update". Each time I start my computer the same thing happens again, or if I click this link it goes through the whole procedure again and opens a second Desktop Help, again saying a newer version is available.

I have seen similar posts on this forum, all of which say they have been solved, and yet reading them I see the only advice that is given is to uninstall Desktop Help altogether, or a very complicated procedure which includes accessing the registry on the computer. I am no 'techie', so plain, simple advice which actually solves the problem, not simply gives a way to remove the programme, would be most welcome. Please could BT sort this problem out once and for all.

Incidentally, the update worked successfully first time on my laptop, but not on my desktop. On both computers I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, and I have a very slow broadband connection (<0.5 MB)

Thank you.

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Re: Broadband Desktop Help Update recurring

Of course it should run without problems, but it doesn't. The point of advice to uninstall it is that it doesn't do anything that cannot be achieved without it, so why put up with the bother? 

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Re: Broadband Desktop Help Update recurring


What version of IE are you currently running?

Also do you have administrator rights on your user account?
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Re: Broadband Desktop Help Update recurring

I suggest you look here as there are a number of relevant postings:

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