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Broadband Drops Out

We have BT Broadband that keeps dropping out. We have had five engineer visits in four weeks on another line who have eliminated everything but SHINE which they say is produced externally and they can do nothing about it. The other line is a business line but that has to be posted on a seperate forum despite the faults being identical on both line. We have run an analysis program for the last 24 hours (RouterStats HUB 5A) which showed a drop out of 4 minutes at 22:56 yesterday. The question is that whist I expected the Connection Speed and Max Speed to drop to '0' I would have thought the Line Attenuation & Noise Margin would have remained but that too drop to 0dB, is that right? To me it looks like the whole line disconnects. We also have a BT Business line with broadband that only joins the domestic line back at the 'Green Box' and that dropped out at the same time. That line has been lifted and shifted to a new DSLAM with the domestic remaining on the old. Sure this isn't SHINE this is the network dropping out at the Fibre Cab or Exchange. This is only a small village and there are a number of other BT users suffering the same symptoms. To make sure it isn't Mains bourne we even ran the routers off one of our UPS backup inverters used for PC's and they still dropped out running off the battery pack.! Any input would be gratefully received. MODERATORS PLEASE DISREGARD THE MENTION OF A BUSINESS FAULT AS YOU CANNOT ACTION THIS. WE HAVE POSTED ON THE BUSINESS FORUM SEPERATELY!! Any reference to the business line is for comparison only!! 

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Re: Broadband Drops Out

Hi @EPS-XPL Thanks for posting and welcome to the community forums, I'm really sorry about the issues you have had with your BT services. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team and we'll be happy to take a look a the fault reports and find out what's happening.

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Re: Broadband Drops Out

Hi @EPS-XPL  thanks for taking my call earlier and good to hear you have received an update from Business. There was no engineering history on the Residential line so I would have had to start with a visit but you have been told a case has been raised with Openreach and that once they fix the fault this will also fix the fault with the residential line. 

Post back and keep us update on how you get on and if you need our help just let us know and we will be happy to help you. 


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