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Broadband Drops off as soon as I switch TV on.

A couple of days ago we had a power cut, now every time I switch my TV (LG plasma) on the broadband drops off as if it is interfering  with the hub.  The hub is situated about 2ft away form the TV and was working fine for months before this.  I have vision box also connected if this makes any difference?  I've changed the filters and moved the hub a little further away form the TV but problem still persists everytime I switch TV on (works fine when in standby mode) and the connection just keeps dropping out about every minute or so.  Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks



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Re: Broadband Drops off as soon as I switch TV on.

Move the hub as far away from the TV as you can it should never be that close to much interference is generated by the tv it will cause broadband connection issues and could reduce your connection speed
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Re: Broadband Drops off as soon as I switch TV on.

Try plugging the hub into a different mains socket, just in case the surge from the TV switching on is causing problems with the hub power unit, which may have been damaged when the power came back on.

If I have a power cut, then I always switch off any electronic equipment, until the power has been restored for at least 10 minutes.
Its not unusual for large surges to occur when power is first restored.

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