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Broadband Extender 600 Data light showing as Off


The data light on my Extender 600 is not shown as on. 
The other two lights 'Ethernet' and 'Power' are showing as on.
For a while I was running the following:
Extender 600 connected to a Sky Broadband Router
ZyXEL 4 port connector in my Office, with my Imac and Work Laptop connected to it
Extender 600 connected to the CCTV camera system.
All was working fine till the ZyXEL connector died with a loud pop during the week.
I bought a new BT powerline kit which has a Broadband 600 connector and a Mini Wifi Home Hotspot 600.
I tried setting it up today. Just trying to install the Wifi Home hotspot but I couldn't get it to connect to the network. 
Then I noticed that the Data light on the Extender 600 next to the router was not on. 
I tried all sorts, resetting the router, Pressing the Link button multiple times etc no joy.
I then swapped out the plug and cable for the new ones in the kit and changing the plug that it was connected to next to the router. Still no Data light. 
Really need this for my work. Any suggestions to why data is not flowing to the network?
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