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Broadband Extender - Is the 2nd Ethernet port full passthrough or restricted?

I have several broadband extender flex 1000 that I mostly no longer need as my new house is mainly hardwired.  There is one room though that is not so I want to set 2 up to use occasionally rather than 24/7.  

The source plug will be sharing an Ethernet port with my NAS drive so I figured this would work as the flex1000 has 2 Ethernet ports, so wall Ethernet to one port and plug my NAS into the other.  

My question is will this reduce the connection rate of the NAS elsewhere in the house?  I.e. does the 2nd Ethernet port on the flex 1000 pass through the full Ethernet speed or does it put it instead within the powerline circuit and  therefore operate at a reduced rate?

Hopefully this makes sense!!! 

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