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Broadband Goes Off When Phone Rings

I hope someone can offer me some advice , Im having a few problems with my hub and phone ,


Everytime we use the phone to either make calls or recieve them , Our Broadband goes off , Plus Our phone line is so noisy


have given up making calls with it ,


Have tried the BT line checker , It states No Faults ...


Thanks ,

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Re: Broadband Goes Off When Phone Rings

welcome to the forum


try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should hear nothing and best with corded phone   if cordless dull hum normal


is there is noise hiss/crackle/static then your need to phone 151 and report a phone fault NOT a broadband fault.  get rid of noise and improve your broadband conenction

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Re: Broadband Goes Off When Phone Rings

Check for faulty/missing ADSL filter(s). The function of the ADSL filter is to separate the broadband digital signal from the telephone baseband analogue signal. A missing or faulty filter will cause interaction between the two services leading to a noisy analogue signal and an unreliable broadband signal that drops out every time a phone rings or a receiver lifted. EVERY analogue device plugged into a standard telephone socket (fax, telephone, alarm systems etc), MUST have a filter fitted unless the master socket is of a type with a built in filter.


Your HH then plugs into the ADSL output of one of the filters.


Filters do go faulty.



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