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Broadband Installation/Delivery



I hope someone can provide the answer as I appear to be unable to speak to a human when phoning up BT!


I ordered broadband and phones to be installed in my new flat (brand new, no previous owners or exsisting phone/internet) and an installation engineer is arriving on Thursday morning to do it.


As I currently don't live in the property, I arranged for the router and phones (physical items) to be sent to my current address assuming that they would arrive straight after I ordered them. Instead, they are being delivered on the same day as the install.


My question is, does the installation engineer require my broadband router and phone to install the system, if so this may be tricky? Will the engineer bring the router and phones with him or is it entierly seperate? 


Any help appriciated.



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Re: Broadband Installation/Delivery

ADSL broadband is self install, so the Openreach Field Technician who visits would not be interested in that.

They would simply check that the phone line is working, using their own phone, if you do not have one.


Broadband would be activated later, once the phone provisioning job has been closed.


You would simply plug the home hub in, following the installation instructions.





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Re: Broadband Installation/Delivery

Make sure the engineer activates any extensions - he may only do the master socket unless told otherwise.

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