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Broadband Options - Advice Needed


I'm hoping someone on here mught be able to advise me on my best course of action.

We live  in a reasonably rural area of East Yorkshire and have had broadband issues since we moved in 9 years ago, but it's now getting to the point that we are paying for a service which we cant receive.

Over the last 5 years or so we've had Openreach engineers crawling over our line on a number of occassions. The last time the engineer was here he said he'd never seen a line that was so badly damaged and still working, and one that was over 5km from the exchange.

Based on the location of our house, and the fact it was derelict between the mid 1950's and the mid 1990's, parts of the line if not all of it, could be nearly 30 years old as a minimum and upto 70 years old as a maximum.

The line is deteriorating year on year which means that about 12 months ago we lost the ability to make voice calls, at best all you hear is very faint, and our internet connection is becoming more and more unstable . It's not unusual for us to have no broadband for up to 2 days per week in total, and when we do have a connection it often drops every few minutes and even when it is "stable" our speeds are pretty low. For instance this morning our download speed is 0.93Mbps and the upload is 0.34Mbps.

I've run the checker at and the maximum observed downstream as of 19/05/2019 is 2.21Mbps.

What I'm looking for is any suggestions about how I tackle BT/Openreach about getting a new line installed, preferably fibre. Just for additional info I run my business from home and applied for a gigabit broadband voucher last year. After the £2500 paid by the voucher Openreach still wanted over £20k to run a new line.

Oh, and just to cover off satellite and mobile broadband. We have no line of sight to the satellite and we're located in the shadow of a hill so mobile reception is pretty bad too.

Thanks for any helpful advice

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Re: Broadband Options - Advice Needed

if you can get 2.2mb conenction at 5km distance you are doing well and line cannot be that bad   the main objective for openreach is to provide voice calls and that is there main concern  Broadband is not a priority and in similar circumstances openreach have eventually stopped servicing broadband but ensuring that you have voice calls.

have you tried contacting your council broadband for assistance? 

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