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Broadband Speed and Poor Customer Service

First of all, if I'd known BT had overseas call centres I would never have chosen them as my ISP. With a regional accent it can be difficult enough to make myself understood to someone in the south of England - but India, with a bad line and constant dropouts - no chance.

BT started well, kit seemed good and it all worked out of the box. Speeds were great - at the top end of the range I'd been expecting. Then then problems started. I knew that speeds could fluctuate over the first 10 days but mine dropped and kept on going right down to 500k.

I rang the help line and went thru the usual stuff which I'd already tried but the speeds were so poor I couldn't even load the test page they directed me to.

Anyway and Engineer would call between 1 and 6 the following week so I was patient.

I took a day off work and waited.... after 6 passed I rang India again (25 mins to get thru) and waited again while they contacted the Eng Dept. A shortage of Eng was the excuse - would they have contacted me if I'd hadn't rang - I doubt it. 

So as a special favour to me they could get another Eng 2 days later. I declined and asked for a MAC code. Queue another wait while the call wnet back to the UK who could give me a MAC code but it would cost me £52 to cancel. Who could defer this? India of course - 20 min later it turns out they couldn't as that had to be signed off by the Eng Debt. After 1 hour on the phone I gave up.

Why did I leave O2 - because I'm an idiot! I found this forum while searching for the CEO's e-mail and thought I'd vent my fustration here.

If anyone knows his address please post it here - I'm off the search elsewhere.

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Re: Broadband Speed and Poor Customer Service

Hi Samartin,


I'll be happy to lend a hand with this and get your speed sorted out.


Could you post your hub stats and the results from a speed test for us please? You can get these from the Hub manager http://bthomehub.home and from


If you also drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread I can look into your account and see what the story is.

Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section.



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Re: Broadband Speed and Poor Customer Service

what did i not complain enough!!

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Re: Broadband Speed and Poor Customer Service

Hi the forum mod is trying to sort out your problems with you rhey have an excellent reputation at getting problems solved take up the offer it is well worth it
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