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Broadband Speed problems (and the rest!)

So I’ll just begin at the start so you understand the full extant to my BT problems... I ordered BT broadband and Tv package back in April, confirmed everything and got everything booked. A week later I got a call from the people installing my aerial that bt had cancelled my order so they couldn’t come out. So after 3 more days of trying to contact BT, someone called me and out my order through again. I asked on the phone if I would be charged again for re ordering and they promised me no. A few weeks later two separate amounts of £150 was taken from my account. After around about 10 phone calls back and forth (each one telling me my money would be with me in 5 days) and 8 form filled complaints they refunded my money (2 months later in June!).

Not off to a great start... but everything was up and running fine so I let it go.

Then at the end of August my broadband kept cutting out for about 2 minutes twice a day for about a week. I chatted to someone online who told me to restart the router when it did this and it would be fine. Fast forward a week later and the broadband was cutting out for about an hour at a time about 6 times a day. I called BT again and they sent out an engineer (Saturday 9th September). He fiddled with a few things, told me he had fixed it (broadband light was blue when he left) and literally 5 minutes later it cut out again.

I called BT again to arrange another engineer only to be told they don’t work weekends and I would have to arrange a holiday to be in the house. Fair enough, I put away a holiday or two for things like this anyway and booked in another engineer for the following week. Bearing in mind it has now been 3 weeks the internet has been dropping in and out. Finally the 3 days up to the engineer visiting the internet cut out completely and wouldn’t connect at all. The very lovely engineer came and fixed it for us (he explained the port we were plugged into outside was faulty so he plugged us into another port). He showed me that the speed was sitting at 55mbps. Great! All fixed after 4 weeks.

One week later... we can’t stream Netflix etc and web pages are taking about 5 minutes to load. I did several broadband speed tests and it was showing a speed of 0.5mbps... this was at around 5pm on a weekday so not a super busy time.

On the phone again to BT and they arranged another engineer to come out to test the speed and see what the problem was. Again I was told I would need to be in (took another holiday). The engineer came (he was not pleasant at all, he did not introduce himself, he looked me up and down when I answered the door and I had to ask him who he was!). He plugged a few things into the router, confirmed it was slow (yes I know I ran the tests myself when asked to) and then told me he didn’t know what was wrong and that BT would contact me in 48 hours....

3 days later no contact so I got in touch with BT myself. The person on the chat said he would personally look after my case and would send out another engineer! I explained I had already had one a few days ago so he then told me he would send out an engineer to sort the problem outside the house so I wouldn’t t have to be home.

So now it’s 2 weeks later and my broadband is at 9.4mbps. Okay it’s up from the 0.5mbps before but it drops lower quite often and takes forever to load web pages and stream videos. After waiting an hour in the queue for BT again I gave up and am taking this to these forums for advice!

Basically I am not paying for what I am not receiveing. I was promised at least 33- 55mbps and am not even anywhere near that. I have spent 3 days holidays on BT, £50 on extra data between me and my husband when we needed it and I can’t even count how many hours and hours of time wasted sitting it queues to talk to BT on the phone and chat. They won’t refund me for the lowered speed broadband until they fix the problem (great customer service guys...).

I want to cancel my contract without charge and was told by a girl in the cancellation team I could if I wasn’t getting the speeds promised. How long do I have to wait, how many phone calls and complaints do I have to raise and how many engineers need to come out before I can do this!?

Any tips if anyone has been in the same(ish) situation I would really appreciate as I am coming to the end of my patience with BT.... I regret moving from Sky to BT so much.
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Re: Broadband Speed problems (and the rest!)

Hi @julieshanks,


Welcome to the community forum. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had with your connection. Reading your post I can totally understand your frustration, its sound like you've had a rough few weeks getting your connection fixed.


In order to get an better idea of how your connection is preforming, please can you post your router stats as shown in - Broadband - Top Tips to get help on the forum





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