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Broadband Usage Explosion

I am aware of the problems with the Usage Monitor and the fact that the official BT line is that if you subscribe to to BT Vision then no Youview usage will be charged against the monthly broadband allowance even if it that isn't reflected on the usage monitor.


Since getting Youview i have been monitoring my usage more out of curiousity that anything else and last month it showed approx 4.5GB which is OK.


I have just checked my usage for this month, upto 23:59 on the 5th and it has leaped to 6.54GB. I have used the players a couple of times and watched a couple of films/TV on BT Vision but even so this is a massive jump.


My concern is that although in theory no Youview usage should be registered, the usage monitor doesn't break down the broadband usage into components so it's not possible to check that the monthly usage is legit i.e someone slse hasn't piggy backed onto my broadband in some way, unlikely though that might be.


With BT Vision this was never a concern as it was all under BT Vision control but now that we have an outside factor e.g Youview I would hope that BT would be able to break down broadband usage, either on the monitor when it gets fixed(???) or on the account page,  so that the user can see what the usage is comprised off. This is the only way that users will be able to properly check their Youview usage.

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Re: Broadband Usage Explosion

Hi chrisp18

There have been no reports of Youview usage being counted by the monitor, as you know there have been a couple of problems with the usage figure updating over the last week.  Is it possible it updated a couple of days in one go and the figure skipped?


If you are concerned and would like me to have a closer look I'll be happy to do so.


Just drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



BTCare Community Mod

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Re: Broadband Usage Explosion

Hi CraigS


Since using my Youview box over the Christmas period my 'monitored' broadband usage has also escalated.  I am on 10GB a month and my average use is between 5 and 7 GB.  I was so concerned about it I called the helpdesk a day or two after Christmas and spoke to a couple of gentleman in India who said that it was correct that my usage had increased and that perhaps I would like to upgrade to 40 GB a month.  I then spent a long time trawling through the BT website and found the little section under the BT usage monitor where it says Any Questions?  What about my Youview usage? and if you click on that you get this message:


What about YouView usage?

If you are a YouView customer and subscribe to BT Vision, you will not be charged for any YouView usage. However, due to technical reasons, some YouView content is currently contributing to the usage monitor even though it's exempt.

We realise that this is confusing and makes the broadband usage monitor inaccurate. However, we are working to fix this issue as soon as possible.


I have since also spoken (eventually) to someone at the BTVision help in Newcastle who said that I should not worry and that as long as I have not had an email telling me that by broadband usage is getting close to its limit, then I should be fine and will not get charged. 


So it is slightly worrying that a BT Care Community Moderator, posting that there have been no reports of Youview usage being counted by the monitor.


Sue E

Aspiring Contributor
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Re: Broadband Usage Explosion

Hi Sue

There have been reports of some users not receiving overusage alerts so please check that they are not being spamblocked or going to your BT email account by mistake. You should also see that the email alerts are usefully displayed below the new enhanced usage monitor. Hope that helps a bit.

I think the lesson with any technical info (even from the moderators) is to be sceptical and demand some proof or a reference where possible. Some of the claims one sees flying about are just plain wrong eg "it is impossible to hack a Wi-fi router since it is encrypted" or "your broadband usage has gone from 8GB to 53GB because of Windows Updates."

Let's hope they get this iPlayer/YouView logging issue fixed soon.

Good luck.
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