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Re: Broadband Usage Monitor

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search like most searches is only as good as the accuracy of the criteria that you enter

True, but ... 

search like most searches is only at best as good as the accuracy of the criteria that you enter


Unfortunately, search results are also only as good as the quality of the search engine.


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Re: Broadband Usage Monitor

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Thanks for all the help and advice,everyoneSmiley Happy

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Re: Broadband Usage Monitor

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Hi falks, 


It seem that I have also been affected with the same issue. 

For the purpose of resolving the matter I have setup a server runing Linux Centos with bandwith usage monitor using IPtables firewall and Syslog. Reason for that was that 5 days before the end of April I have received an email saying that I exceeded the 32GB usage. Not disputing my average useage is 18-38GB permonth on BT option 2 - 40GB/mth. 


I got seriously alarmed when on the 7th of May I receve the same warning that I have already went over 32GB!!! 

Next day I rang BT to complain that this is incorrect. What I was told is for last month I have used over 100GB (most in the last 5 days of the month some 70GB) and thus far on the 8th of May my usage already exceded 54GB!!!. 


Now if I had able broadband or infinity or virgin fibre and was on netflix for 24 hours a day in 4 rooms at the same time every day that would probably be about right but I'm not neither I've been on 4OD iPlayer etc for some time now.  


BT suggested that someone hackied into my router. Well if I used BT router that would probably was true but since I use Drytek (£300 top end) and have DHCP disabled as that function is running on a seperate server that accepts only known clients (my laptop and my phone) hacking in would be very dificult.


I was told that I will get a refund and all calls I had with BT are redcorded as I have a seperate phone server that registers all calls and bins all unsolicited ones and I told BT that calls are recorded for my purposes just in case if they decide to bill me for over 100GB of phantom usage. 


My bandwith monitor now registers on average 3.5MB per hour and disabling wireless (BT Suspected someone had access to wireless) did very little as I have expected. 


It is very strange as my broadbad bandwith is only capable of average 1.8-2.5 Mbps with connection speed of 7.68 so basic math does not add up when you are told that you have used 70GB in 5 days and had no disruption on servce. 


My suspition initially was DDoS. Hackers targeting ISP's and hosting companies and running scripts on 100's of servers around the world to bombard your router trying to ether hack in or disrupt service or someone on the junior level made a blunder when programming parameters or plainly BT is quietly ripping us off.  


Check list 

Downloading torrents - NO 

Watching online catch up TV - NO 

Watching live TV - NO 

Spending all day on youutube - NO 

Spending 1h on Facebook - YES 

Playing Facebook games/apps - NO 

Using email client during office hours - YES - html format no attachemnts 

FTP clinet - NO (very rearly) 

VoIP server - YES (25 KBps per active line. 1 line active for average 1,5-2 hour day, 3GB per month Max)


Other gaming consoles - NO 

CCTV and Alarm - Yes ( video codec 264 - 8KB per every alarm alert) 

Satelite box - Yes (network capable, not using ourtside as the up speed too low to watch TV outside the house) 

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Re: Broadband Usage Monitor

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I could not follow the previous posters message.

I am finding that strange things are happening with the updating of my broadband usage.

e.g. if I check the broadband usage on the morning of 12 March, the reading and the usage have not updated.

If I check later the broadband usage has now been updated but the date is for 10 March.

Later in the day, the broadband usage is the same as for late morning, but the date is now 11 March


If the usage is supposedly updated at 23.59 hrs., why is it actually updated in fits and starts the following day???

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Re: Broadband Usage Monitor

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you do realise you are posting on a 3yr old thread and some things have changed since then

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